Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Holiday Photos

I am excited that after years of shooting strictly for fine art I am now "officially" available for hire.

Here's my philosophy, HAVE FUN! Because if you are having fun and simply enjoying the moment everything else falls into place. I like to spend a minimum of 45 minutes with you at a location we choose. We'll also discuss clothes, emotional impact you want from the photos, and what you want to remember from this time in your life.

Setting fee is $200 and an additional $25 fee for locations outside of Pasadena. $50 deposit required within one week of booking and pricing for prints is available on request.

Also, this may sound wacky but if your child has autism/aspergers/ADHD/speech delay or any other special needs just let me know and we will book in more time (at no extra charge) so that no one is stressed out. I have spent the last year working with my son and often would shoot at his "school" where all the students were under three and dealing with some sort of issue.

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Thanks and talk soon!